Azienda, Esposizione


At our showroom in our Pregassona offices we have samples to demonstrate the wide variety of products we offer. Here you are welcome to visit us for enquiries and sales assistance.

Consulenza Tecnica

Technical Assistance

Qualified, technical personnel with a consolidated experience is available for on-site visits and personalized assistance to analyze specific, technical aspects as well as to study given details with care.

Fornitura e Posa Pavimenti

Supply and Laying

Our company has a reliable and valued team of workers for the laying of parquet, having all the necessary equipment for the job.


Treatments for the restoration of existing floors

Sanding and Recoating or Oiling

Among the main advantages of wooden floors, are the longevity and the possibility to restore their surface. With sanding and recoating or oiling interventions, the floor regains its initial splendor.

Repair Service

Our staff, parquet floorers and general floorers are able to intervene on small and large repair jobs.


A correct maintenance and a meticulous respect on behalf of the user, and very important technical requisites, will guarantee for a good conservation of the wooden floors over time. Our technical personnel is available for personalized consults.